Upon a Heavy Winter’s Mind

A hot stone condenses itself in the center of my forehead with the same intention of breaking glass. My mind so exhausted and drained meekly raises my numb hand to type as my eyes gaze at falling snow through the window. Winter, when the world becomes a gorgeous blank canvas. When silence is so vast that it makes a forest of pine seem empty. A world created by unbound movement brought forward by a selfish storm where the unique ice dances and after its passing, freezes the landscape into stillness. A season of cleanse, reflection, and purity. Yet here I am, a wretch of a person so stressed and apathetic towards everything including myself knowing that somewhere right now someone is meditating on a mountain temple, bathing in the cold: their mind, body, and soul at peace. How does one obtain such bliss? To climb into your mind and clean, no restore it to that of your liking! Reflection was so easy not so long ago, before I crammed my mind so full its like that of a hoarder’s house of which I can barely get through.

Time. Thats the answer. Time and practice to set body and mind in place. Slow pacing, excited to learn with passionate practice and devoted determination.


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